Rawdon and surroundings

A charming town with so much personality

Rawdon is well-known for its beauty. Just one hour from Montreal, its charming setting and easy access have been attracting visitors from all over for a long time. The area is an ethnic mosaic that adds so much local colour. In summer, the beach is a popular spot, with all you need for a fun time on the water.

While the adventurous try their hand at a treetop circuit, hikers can explore trails of Chutes Dorwin Park. Families can have a fun time visiting the bison farm or picnicking under the tall pine trees next to the stunning 60-metre high waterfall. Even more accessible is Parc des Cascades—the ideal place to relax after a game of golf or to enjoy a horseback ride. Spending the night in a cottage or a yurt is a great way to end this day of activities or relaxation. 

Our directory

Need help planning your trip to Rawdon? Whether it’s to stay overnight, eat or choose activities, you’ll find a selection of must-see locations below.


Local flavours

  • Boulangerie Pain de campagne | 7100 route 125, Chertsey
  • Boucherie la différence | 323 chemin de l'Église, Chertsey

activities and attractions

  • Parc Nichol - water games, picnic areas,  | 328, 8e Avenue, Rawdon
  • Les oiseaux de ma cour - Le Café Boisé - store for garden and landscaping - Coffee | 3700, rue Queen, Rawdon
  • Au coin du thé | 3450, rue Queen, Rawdon

food places

  • Crémerie Les Délices du Palais | 3685, rue Queen, Rawdon
  • Bagelerie Rawdon - bagels faits sur place, déjeuners, dîners | 3680, rue Queen, Rawdon
  • Restaurant Saint-Calixte | 5798 route 335, Saint-Calixte

Outdoor destinations