Lanaudière getaways

Create memorable moments in Lanaudière

Ski Garceau Saint-Donat
On the shores of the St-Lawrence, in one of our vibrant city centres or deep in the mountains: wherever you may be, Nature’s playground is vast and the opportunities for sharing a moment, boundless.

Explore. Relax. Live fully. Share something amazing.

This fall, experience life in the great outdoors. Discover exciting places. Taste local products. Raise a glass to our artisans. Enjoy destinations that leave you with a lingering sense of enchantment and well-being. Dare to uncover our potential!

10 DESTINATIONS to discover

From fascinating towns and cities to magnificent outdoor settings, Lanaudière has so much to offer. Endless possibilities await! Make the most of your time here: swim in our lakes and rivers, catch your biggest fish, bike through breathtaking landscapes, sleep in one-of-a-kind settings and enjoy a wide range of activities. Urban, cultural, foodie or nature destinations? Whatever you seek, our diverse landscapes and friendly people offer up beautiful ways to enjoy a truly uplifting getaway. Lanaudière: an immense playground full of surprises!

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