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Berthier and its Islands

Experience a mesmerizing archipelago

A sight to behold with so much blue all around. Summer is a wonderful time to roam around the Berthier Islands, slowly discovering its beauty. Lost in the middle of the majestic St. Lawrence River, the islands are accessible from almost any direction. Hop on your bike and in no time at all you’ll be riding through captivating landscapes, crossing over bridges and causeways. A ride on the scenic Sorel-Tracy ferry is a must. Or make your way around the islands in a sea kayak. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera—you’re in bird paradise!

Forty kilometres long, Lac Saint-Pierre is included in UNESCO’s world network of biosphere reserves. It’s one of the bodies of water most densely populated with fish in Quebec.

Our directory

Need help planning your trip to the region? Whether it’s to stay overnight, eat or choose activities, you’ll find a selection of must-see locations below.

Not to be missed this summer

Events not to be missed to enjoy the cultural life of the village centers, without forgetting the encounters with the local flavors during the public markets.


Local flavours

  • Folle Farine - Organic flour produced and ground on a stone wheel directly on the farm. | 327, Grande Côte Est, Lanoraie

Activities and attractions

  • Les Bricoleuses - Coffee and refreshments with art and craft shop. Gifts, decoration and local products. | 480, rue Frontenac, Berthierville 
  • Parc Gérard-Lavallée - Rest area with walk along the St. Lawrence river. Quay, landing stage and sports facilities. | 122, rue Saint-Antoine Sud, Lavaltrie
  • Berthier Golf Club | 1480 Grande Côte, Berthierville
  • L'Escale-du-Roy - municipal rest area with historical model and exhibitions, including one on the Tourbières-de-Lanoraie | 14 Louis-Joseph-Doucet Street, Lanoraie
  • Promenades sur le fleuve - rest and picnic area with sculpture exhibition and panoramic trail | 12, rue Louis-Joseph Doucet, Lanoraie+
  • Galerie Le Berthelet - store and art gallery | 24, place du Marché, Berthierville
  • Maison des contes et légendes | 1251 rue Notre-Dame, Lavaltrie

Food places

  • Casse-croûte Chez Cocotte - Fast food in a food truck along the St. Lawrence River. Having a poutine here is a must! | 532, Grande Côte Est, Lanoraie
  • Le Décante - Resto-lounge with varied menu and privately imported wines. | 999, rue Notre-Dame, Lavaltrie
  • Crèmerie Avalanche - Ice cream and sweet treats. | 810, rue Notre-Dame et 11, chemin Lavaltrie, Lavaltrie
  • Le Tusker Cuisine et Pub | 490 rue Frontenac, Berthierville

Outdoor destinations