Cycling through cities and countryside

Perfect combination of city, countryside, effort and pleasure

110 km
5 h to 8 h
+ 661 / - 661 m

Your adventure begins in downtown Joliette. Alongside the L’Assomption River, numerous attractions and services are available for you, before or after your ride. This circuit takes you toward the majestic St. Lawrence River, into Lanaudière’s agricultural plains and toward the mountains near Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon. Cyclists enjoy this circuit for the diversity of its landscapes and roads – some flat, others hilly, some urban, others rural. It’s the perfect compromise between a workout and a leisurely bike ride, in the heart of Lanaudière’s rolling farm country.



The proposed tours have been developed to the best of our knowledge. They are made up of bicycle paths separated from the traffic lanes or sections on the road according to their type. The choice of roads has been made to minimize exposure to motorized traffic. These sections do not necessarily have paved shoulders or signs for cyclists. We are not responsible for the condition of the roadway or the roads under construction. We rely on the cooperation of cyclists to respect the signs in place and ensure their safety. If you have any suggestions for bike tours, please send an email to


Type of circuit





110 km


Mountainous route

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Proposed starting point

Parc Louis-Querbes
140, rue Saint Viateur, Joliette, J6E 2V5
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