Regional flavours and gardens


Lanaudière’s rich agricultural heritage makes it a popular place for agritourism.

Agritourism circuits, Goûtez Lanaudière!

Pick your own Pick your own Pick your very own produce for your next recipe.
Bakers and chocolate makers Bakers and chocolate makers Indulge in pastries, homemade donuts and handmade chocolates.
Outlets for regional produce Outlets for regional produce Visit our shops featuring local products.
Microbrewery Microbrewery Discover great microbreweries and brewpubs all around the region! Some of them are well known and have a long history with craft beer lovers
Public markets Public markets The opportunity to buy fresh local produce in a friendly setting.
Sugar shacks Sugar shacks Come spring, as nature slowly awakens… it’s sugaring-off time!
Cheese makers Cheese makers Top quality cheese shops with a broad range of products you won’t want to miss.
Gardens, horticulture and bonsaïs Gardens, horticulture and bonsaïs Bright and colourful gardens—places of inspiration and discovery.
Meat and game Meat and game Savour the difference in local artisanal meats made from respectfully raised animals.
Country-style meals Country-style meals Enjoy the creations our talented chefs make using fresh local products.
Farm tours Farm tours Learn about our farmers’ daily routines by being there.
Vineyards and distillery Vineyards and distillery A harmonious blend of scenic vineyards and delightfully complex local wines.

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Some of our restaurants have made a commitment to feature various local products on their menus.

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