Cycling gourmet itinerary

Plenty of opportunities to make a tasty stop along the way

75 km
3 h to 5 h
+ 558 m / - 558 m

The route is home to several agritourism businesses, shops selling local products, and natural and cultural destinations. So there are plenty of opportunities to make a tasty stop along the way. Be sure to leave some room in your baggage for purchases! Once you’ve reached the Pied de la Montagne, you’ll enjoy the views of the region’s agricultural plain. You’ll also want to explore the Parc des Chutes Dorwin ($) in Rawdon for both its spectacular waterfall and beautiful picnic area under the giant pine trees.



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75 km


Park and attractions

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Proposed starting point

Dorwin waterfalls park
3102, 1ère Avenue (Route 337) Rawdon, J0K 1S0
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