Municipalité de Saint-Zénon


The village of Saint-Zénon is one of the highest localities in Québec, founded in 1866 by Abbé Provost, a pioneering leader in the conquest of the North. Here in days gone by, the forest was more important than the land, but today tourism has taken over as the main industry. Before you enter the village, take the hiking trail in Sept-Chutes Regional Park. In the village, you can enjoy a fine view of the Coulée des Nymphes from the lookout point behind the church. With its panoramic vistas, far horizons, protected forest, ZECs and wildlife reserve, Saint-Zénon is indeed a special place. This is the heart of the Matawinie region and Québec’s snowmobiling capital! 

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Municipalité de Saint-Zénon
6101, rue Principale
Saint-Zénon, QC J0K 3N0