Saint-Donat, the ideal place for your next snowmobile trip

December 02, 2022

Snowmobiling in Saint-Donat means exploring different circuits, most of which are accessible from the village centre. Whether you’re heading out for a few hours or several days, there are plenty of accommodations locally and a variety of outdoor activities available nearby—all making for a wonderful getaway.


Saint-Donat’s snowy microclimate means there’s plenty of white powder every winter. This ideal climate makes it the perfect snowmobiling destination. With impeccably groomed trails, it’s popular among snowmobilers of all levels who also enjoy the area’s many other attractions. The trails are maintained by highly dedicated volunteers belonging to local snowmobile clubs.



As a major hub of Lanaudière, Saint-Donat offers easy access to the Laurentians and Mauricie, as well as to the groomed trails you can take to Saint-Côme, Tremblant and Estérel. Outdoor enthusiasts can have fun exploring over 1,000 kilometres of trails and circuits. Numerous attractions are easily accessible, whether you head towards Saint-Côme or Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts. The many Lanaudière outfitters and nearby accommodations offer a warm welcome to snowmobilers passing through the area.

Don’t hesitate to plan a short stay in Saint-Donat!  Good times await you in this winter wonderland that is typical of the entire region of Lanaudière.


This welcoming resort town attracts vacationers and adventure-seekers alike. The friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to live, visit and enjoy life. There is no lack of coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, microbreweries and attractions. Perfect to have some fun or simply get away from it all for a few hours, a night or longer.

The Parc des Pionniers is a beautiful site to enjoy a wealth of activities year-round. If you love winter, you’re sure to find the area’s magnificent scenery stunning. Outstanding snow conditions make it an ideal place for snowmobiling, ATV riding, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and fat biking.

Saint-Donat also has two ski centres where skiers and boarders can hit the slopes. Ski Garceau and Ski La Réserve feature trails for all skill levels. They’re also home to Lanaudière’s highest vertical drops, offering breathtaking views from the top.


  • For short hikes of just a few hours, the trails leading to Montagne Noire and Mont des Cenelles take you through some spectacular landscapes! Once you reach the summit, be sure to make your way to the Montagne Noire scenic lookout point. The breathtaking view will stay with you for a long time. You can even feed the birds right out of your hand.
  • This year, snowmobilers can go around Mont-Tremblant National Park (not accessible to snowmobiles) by taking the bypass put in place last winter.
  • Saint-Donat is also a good starting point for many regional tours. Whether you’re headed to Mont-Laurier or Lac Saint-Jean, you can build itineraries leaving right from the village. Explore the Pioneer circuit with its 704 km of trails winding through various lively villages, where relay stations offer a warm welcome.

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Want to experience the fun but don’t have the necessary equipment or knowledge? No problem! There’s a business in Saint-Donat that has everything you need and more—from clothing and accommodations to a snowmobile, training and a guide. Animatours-Raid Canada has all the qualifications required to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, including various packages suited to your needs.

Motoneige à Saint-Donat


Want to rent a snowmobile? Contact Sport & Marine MV in Saint-Donat. Clothing, snowmobiles and guide service available. Access fees can also be paid on-site.

Motoneige à Saint-Donat


Whether you go for a short stop, a few hours or several days, there are plenty of fun things to do in Saint-Donat.

Brouemalt microbrewery offers a nice selection of artisanal beer brewed on-site. Be sure to stock up on local products at Boulangerie Saint-Donat. Children and adults alike will find a variety of delicious eats to satisfy their taste buds! The Rôtisserie Saint-Hubert in Saint-Donat serves comfort food that the whole family will enjoy.

Cottages and cabins offer relaxing stays so you can make the most of your visit to the area. Rent a luxury condo or cozy cottage at Le Grand R, a charming establishment nestled in the heart of nature surrounded by mountains. The perfect place for a wonderful winter getaway!

  • For more accommodation, restaurant and activity suggestions, visit the Saint-Donat Destination section on our website. You’ll also find relevant and useful information for your visit.
  • For help in planning your excursion, visit the Club de motoneige de Saint-Donat website. It features a trail map, information on access fees, trail conditions and much more.

Motoneige à Saint-Donat

For all the information you need on snowmobile trails in Lanaudière and Mauricie, visit the Snowmobile country website.

This winter, discover more sides of Saint-Donat by exploring its numerous trails. Enjoy your trip!