Goûtez Lanaudière

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Did you know Lanaudière was one of Quebec’s very first agricultural regions? That’s why everything is so good!

A love for tasty food

Foodies will find their fill of guilty pleasures here. Our farmers and producers bring so much love, creativity and know-how to their nurturing of the land. Farms offer a diversity of products that would satisfy the palate of any self-respecting food connoisseur. All along our country roads, farms raising livestock, growing crops or processing food are happy to open their gates to visitors as interpretation centres. Lanaudière’s creative farmers are constantly reinventing agriculture to bring you the best quality produce, and it makes for some fascinating visits.

Agritourism circuits

Lanaudière’s many agritourism circuits are as diverse as the countryside itself. Between the St. Lawrence River and the mountains, along the plains or in the green valleys, at the foothills or alongside our country roads… take your pick from a wealth of interesting tours. Here you’ll meet jam makers, delicatessens, duck and bison farmers, beekeepers and chocolatiers who all take great delight in sharing their love for the land. Come for a visit to stock up on or savour some delicious local flavours. Once you start sampling, it’s hard to stop! Follow our guide map, choosing your own stops—each agritourism circuit is available in web or print format.

Goûtez Lanaudière

Pick your own squash
Beer on tap

A must: touring wineries and microbreweries

Lanaudière is home to a new generation of wine growers—visionaries who believe in their land’s potential for growing viniferas vine varieties and certain hybrids adapted to this climate. Take our wine route to explore the areas and stop in for a tasting at one of the several wineries. A stroll among the vines will help you better understand the pride and meticulous care that go into growing our grapes, which are bursting with the flavours that are so characteristic of our region. Winegrowers will captivate you with stories of their land. Be sure to take home a bottle of your favourite wine to enjoy with your next dinner—a great way to remember a magnificent day

See our vineyards
Grapes outside at Vignoble Saint-Gabriel

In recent years, many microbreweries have popped up in the region. While some offer well-known products, others are introducing innovative and creative products to the market. Hand-brewed directly on site, for the most part, these beers offer truly unique flavours, and the brewing methods used are at the forefront of the craft. What better way to taste them than with a microbrewery tour! Wheat, pale, red, dark, stout, IPA... whatever your preferences, our microbrewers have what it takes to make your tasting experience a success.

Discover more about microbrewery

From the farm to the table

Across Lanaudière, our dedicated chefs work with farmers and producers to showcase the best of our land, from the farm to the table. From fine dining and delis to great restaurants and quaint bistros, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Did you know that our certified restaurants are committed to serving a minimum of six local products, three of which must contain the Goûtez Lanaudière! seal? Discover our certified restaurants’ specialties here.

Certified restaurants

Hamburger Trécarré Microbrasserie

Delectable destinations

It’s no secret that agritourism is popular in Lanaudière. There’s something to satisfy the foodie in us all. Whether picking your own berries at a farm or enjoying a healthy snack at a cheesemakers, everything is simply delicious. During your tour, make some tasty purchases at our many local bakers, delis, chocolate shops and public markets. Stock up for your next BBQ and pick up some recipes from our friendly local farmers and producers. Don’t forget a good bottle of wine (or some microbrewery beer) to pair with your delicious meal

Two ladies in a public market

Don’t want to miss any of our agritourism events? Consult our calendar. Feel like discovering agritourism destinations by bike? We have a foodie circuit for you. Be sure to leave room for purchases so you can enjoy a taste of Lanaudière at home!

Family on a viewpoint in the Ouareau Forest
Fishing rods next to a lake at Pourvoirie St-Zénon

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