Municipalité de Saint-Esprit


In Saint-Esprit, a proudly traditional farming village, you’ll discover something unique: 20 ancient block-houses. This old-world type of housing, rare in Eastern Canada, links up the various farm buildings with the residence. 

As Saint-Jacques, this is a village endowed with many maple groves and flower gardens. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful lanaudois countryside, with sleepy country roads and charming small farms. Stop and buy some fresh local produce at farm stands along Route125 and follow the “route des fleurs" (highway of flowers) by car, bicycle or on foot. There is also summer theatre in Saint-Jacques – and a parachuting school!

This establishment offers the following:

Municipalité de Saint-Esprit
21, rue Principale
Saint-Esprit, QC J0K 2L0