Top places for alpine touring in Lanaudière

January 02, 2024

With its snow-capped peaks, forest trails and breathtaking views, the region is a true paradise for enjoying the perfect combination of outdoor exercise and visual stimulation.

Read on to find out about the top places to enjoy this great winter sport in Lanaudière, with its majestic peaks and exhilarating descents. You’ll quickly understand why this region is such a popular destination among alpine touring enthusiasts. Get ready to hit the slopes and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Saint-Donat and surroundings

With so many areas to explore, this charming Lanaudière town is the ideal place to get away for the day and immerse yourself in nature. Montagne Noire, at 875 metres, is one of the best-maintained mountains. A wide path takes you on an easy climb to the summit, and the glades are broad and not too steep. The high elevation means snow is abundant, creating optimal conditions for skiing. Access to the site is free. Want to linger for a while? Reserve the Mésangeai cabin and stay one or more nights directly on the mountain.

Mont Kaaikop, just 10 minutes from Saint-Donat, offers several trails and some great views. Although at a slightly lower elevation than Mont-Tremblant, it remains one of the region’s most prominent peaks. The site is easy to navigate with clear signage and is managed by the Interval outdoor centre. Entry fee is $10.

At 883 metres high, Montagne Blanche is sometimes overshadowed by its popular neighbour, Montagne Noire. However, it has plenty to offer and is just as much fun, if not more! A 5 km trail takes you to the summit, with three magnificent vantage points overlooking picturesque lakes and majestic forests. The area is dedicated to cross-country skiing and alpine touring in winter, as well as hiking in summer. On your way back down, you have the option of staying at the L’Appel cabin (book ahead) or returning to the Lac du Rocher parking lot.


The 5.5 km La Grise trail is dedicated to cross-country skiing and alpine touring in winter, as well as hiking in summer. It takes you to the top of Mont Grise, where you’ll have a superb view of an old forest fire watchtower. The Le Nordet cabin is located just a bit further on.

Ski resorts in Lanaudière

station touristique Val Saint-Côme – Saint-Côme

This popular ski centre also offers alpine touring. Simply take the ascending trail via ski trail 343, located near the Auberge Val Saint-Côme. After a short climb along the edge of the ski trail, you’ll enter the forest before quickly reaching the 1000-foot summit. Take in the panoramic view before making your way back down on the Périlleuse, a narrow, winding trail with well-groomed snow.

Ski Garceau – Saint-Donat

If you’re new to alpine touring, Ski Garceau in Saint-Donat is an excellent choice. The trailhead is on the left, near the resort’s garage, away from the downhill ski slopes. The trail, originally used for cross-country skiing, starts with an easy slope, but gets steeper around the bend. Keep following the meandering trail and you’ll eventually reach the summit, behind the ski resort.


Ski Montcalm – Rawdon

Alpine touring is excellent at Ski Montcalm, where a variety of marked trails offer an experience that’s accessible to all. As you make your way up, enjoy the vast off-piste and forest terrain, as well as some breathtaking views.


Ski La Réserve – Saint-Donat

In search of adventure? The Versant Nature at La Réserve ski resort is the place to go. With no lifts, this hillside is a fresh powder wonderland after a snowstorm. To access this scenic winter playground, take the 2.8 km forest trail from the main ski lodge.


Lanaudière offers many diverse landscapes and unique experiences. From peaceful snow-covered forests to breathtaking views from the mountain tops, the region is a destination of choice for alpine touring enthusiasts in search of adventure.