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Lanaudière boasts a multitude of bike paths, including the TransTerrebonne and Véloroute des Moulins, as well as the bike trails in Joliette and L’Assomption. Check out our suggested circuits and routes to help you plan your ride on one of Lanaudière’s bike paths. Each itinerary includes nearby attractions, useful information and suggested stops along the way that the whole family will enjoy.

Exploring the bike path of Joliette

This leg of the bike path network runs alongside the L’Assomption River, through the scenic beauty of Joliette. Take a break in the downtown core, where a variety of terraces, bistros and restaurants await you.

Difficulty level Easy
Elevation +66m/-66m
Distance 13,8 km

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The bike paths in Joliette

Lac de L'Assomption bike path (Saint-Côme)

The L’Assomption sector of Mont-Tremblant National Park offers a gravel bike trail that takes you around Lac de L’Assomption. This 7-km loop allows you to explore a more remote area of the park.

Difficulty level Intermediate
Elevation +71m/-81m
Distance 7,1 km

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 Cycle path of Lac-de-l'Assomption

Chute-aux-Rats Bicycle Trail - Mont-Tremblant National Park

This bike trail on a gravel path, in the heart of the forest, offers magnificent viewpoints, including the magnificent Chute-aux-Rats. 

Difficulty level Easy to intermediate
Elevation Hilly
Distance 9,8 km

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Bike Paths of Mont-Tremblant National Park Pimbina section

Saint-Donat family bike path

Located in the centre of the village, this circuit is ideal for short rides with the family. Make the most of it by stopping for a swim in Lac Archambault and enjoying a variety of activities at Parc des Pionniers.

Difficulty level Easy
Elevation  +55 m / -56 m
Distance 6,2 km

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Parc des Pionniers

Rawdon bike path

This short 6-km ride in the heart of the municipality takes you to spectacular outdoor destinations! Swimming, hiking and picnicking are all part of the package.

Difficulty level Easy
Elevation  +42 m / -44 m
Distance 6,3 km

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Total view of Rawdon

Tour of Joliette's bike path

Combining nature and city, this circuit starts at Parc Saint-Jean-Bosco in Saint-Charles-Borromée, taking you to 2 beaches (accessible free of charge) and water play areas for children.

Difficulty level Easy
Elevation +124m/-124m
Distance 32 km

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The bike paths in Joliette

From Terrebonne-Mascouche to the Laurentians on the bike paths

An interregional circuit with multiple options! The cycling trails offer stunning city and nature landscapes from Terrebonne-Mascouche to the P’tit Train du Nord, passing through the Seigneurie des Plaines and Île-des-Moulins in Terrebonne.

Difficulty level Easy to intermediate
Elevation +211 m /- 211 m 
Distance 80 km 


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 The bike paths of the MRC des Moulins

Scenic bike ride in Joliette

This 13-km leg, departing from Parc Saint-Jean-Bosco, will take you through varied landscapes the whole family will enjoy: farmland, small roads, beaches and green spaces.

Difficulty level Easy
Elevation +56m/-56m
Distance 13,6 km

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Children cycling in Joliette
The proposed circuits have been developed to the best of knowledge. They are made up of cycle paths separated from automobile traffic lanes or of road sections depending on their type. The choice of roads was made in order to minimize exposure to motorized traffic. These sections do not necessarily have an asphalt shoulder or signage for cyclists. We are not responsible for the condition of the pavement or lanes under construction. We are counting on the collaboration of cyclists to respect the signs in place and ensure their safety. For any suggestions regarding bike tours, please send an email to