Lac de L'Assomption bike path (Saint-Côme)

In Mont-Tremblant National Park

L'Assomption sector (Saint-Côme)
7,1 km
Variable (approximately 1 hour)

Mont-Tremblant National Park is known for its many bodies of water. Why not explore one of them by bike? The L’Assomption registration centre offers you the opportunity to ride around the Lac de L’Assomption on a gravel trail. The 7-km loop takes you into the heart of nature, 15 km from the registration centre. It’s a beautiful way to discover a more remote area of the park, deep in nature.





7,1 km


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Access to circuit

Picnic area of Lac-de-L'Assomption (15 km from L'Assomption reception station).
Parc du Mont-Tremblant, Secteur Saint-Côme (L'Assomption), J0K 2B0

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