Municipalité de Chertsey


The village of Chertsey was founded by the parish priest Curé Paré of Saint-Jacques-de-Montcalm. Today it is a vacation area with many lakes and creeks converging on the Ouareau River, where logs used to float downstream until the 1950s. The scenery here is especially beautiful. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer/aviator and author of the famous book The Little Prince, was supposed to have stayed here in a cabin close to the Boute-en-Train camp. You may wish to stop for prayer and reflection at the Marie-Reine-des-Coeurs sanctuary, in a beautiful forest setting. A few kilometers further on, you can take to the trails of Ouareau Forest Regional Park.

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Municipalité de Chertsey
333, avenue de l'Amitié
Chertsey, QC J0K 3K0