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Repentigny / Terrebonne / Laval
66 km
2 h to 4 h
+ 108 / - 108 m

This flat circuit, in the southern part of the region, runs alongside several waterways, including the L’Assomption River. It’s a beautiful and unique way to discover these urban centres. Take a break at Île-des-Moulins in Vieux Terrebonne and at Berge Olivier-Charbonneau in Laval.

Experience urban nature all along the way on a circuit that’s adapted and designed for every type of cyclist.


The proposed tours have been developed to the best of our knowledge. They are made up of bicycle paths separated from the traffic lanes or sections on the road according to their type. The choice of roads has been made to minimize exposure to motorized traffic. These sections do not necessarily have paved shoulders or signs for cyclists. We are not responsible for the condition of the roadway or the roads under construction. We rely on the cooperation of cyclists to respect the signs in place and ensure their safety. If you have any suggestions for bike tours, please send an email to info@lanaudiere.ca.





66 km




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Proposed starting point

Parc Entramis
Boulevard de L'Assomption, Repentigny, J6A 6Z5
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