Le Nordet Circuit

A challenge for any cyclist

Very difficult
84 km
4 h to 6h
+ 1023 / - 1022 m

The Nordet circuit is an absolute must in the regions of Lanaudière and the Laurentians. Most of the traffic is cyclists. The bike lanes are wide, with good quality pavement, allowing you to enjoy the circuit to the fullest and focus on your performance. You can do a round trip on Chemin du Nordet if you’re ready to take on the steep hills a second time. Or you can do the complete loop by taking Route 329 on the way back through Saint-Donat for a change of scene. 

Note: If you do the suggested loop, a leg of the circuit on Route 329 may be busy on weekends, and a widened bike lane is not always available.



The proposed tours have been developed to the best of our knowledge. They are made up of bicycle paths separated from the traffic lanes or sections on the road according to their type. The choice of roads has been made to minimize exposure to motorized traffic. These sections do not necessarily have paved shoulders or signs for cyclists. We are not responsible for the condition of the roadway or the roads under construction. We rely on the cooperation of cyclists to respect the signs in place and ensure their safety. If you have any suggestions for bike tours, please send an email to info@lanaudiere.ca.





84 km

Type of circuit



Points of view, mountainous course


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Proposed starting point

Parc des Pionniers
17, chemin Hector Bilodeau, Saint-Donat, J0T 2C0
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