Municipalité de Saint-Barthélemy


A true farming village, it is surrounded by immense fields stretching to the St. Lawrence River. South of the village, the original Chemin du Roy ran alongside the north tributary of the river. Spring flooding forced the authorities to create a detour of the original road via Rang York, then onto Route 138. This small town, with its heritage church, imposing presbytery and shaded square, has preserved its village character in a way that is rarely seen today. It has all the authentic charm of a bygone rural world, with Rang York being a particularly good example. Here, from mid-April to mid-May, you can observe on the flooded land, some snowgeese, Canada geese and more than fifteen different species of ducks at their migratory stopover.

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Municipalité de Saint-Barthélemy
1980, rue Bonin
Saint-Barthélemy, QC J0K 1X0

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