Municipalité de La Visitation de l'Île-Dupas

La Visitation de l'Île-Dupas

The Indians knew this site very well where fishing and hunting were very fruitful. The places had no secrets for them and they used them well to counter the repeated attacks of the French. It is said that Jacques Cartier stopped there in 1535 and that the Indians would have helped him to disembark. The lord Pierre Dupas settled on the island in 1669, but it will take 30 years before a real settlement. The island was confronted with a terrible flood in 1865, which killed 15 people and took 27 houses, and by the end of the 19th century, More than 1000 people live on the island.

Today, La Visitation-de-l'Ile-Dupas is a place of predilection for culture, hunting and fishing.

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Municipalité de La Visitation de l'Île-Dupas
113, rue de l'Église
La Visitation de l'Île-Dupas, QC J0K 2P0