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In the heart of Lanaudière
Satisfy your inner explorer by discovering the hundreds of kilometres of snowshoe trails across the region. Lanaudière has a vast network of trails for all ages and skill levels – and breathtaking landscapes to enrich the experience. Strap on your snowshoes and let yourself be captivated by the charm of Lanaudière in winter.

Belvedere trail (Saint-Côme)

The Belvedere trail is perfect for a fun family activity. From the lookout point or the hut, you’ll enjoy a magnificent view of the village of Saint-Côme. Stay overnight and prolong the adventure!

Level of difficulty Easy 
Vertical drop 80 m
Approximate duration 3 hours
Number of kilometres 3 km
Dogs permitted

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Mont-Brassard trail (Saint-Zénon)

Take the Mont-Brassard trail and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Feast your eyes on the immensity of the land from atop the cliff overlooking Lac Rémi. You’ll feel privileged to be in this beautiful winter wonderland!

Level of difficulty Intermediate
Vertical drop 250 m
Approximate duration 7 hours
Number of kilometres 8,5 km
Dogs permitted

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Lac Blanc Vantage point (Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci)

The view of Lac Blanc and the mountains to the north is truly spectacular.

Level of difficulty Easy 
Vertical drop 170 m
Approximate duration 5 hours
Number of kilometres 6 km
Dogs permitted

Discover the vantage points of Lac Blanc
Friends snowshoeing together to the top of Lac Blanc

Belvedere of the Cross trail (Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci)

The summit offers magnificent views of Saint-Donat and its highest peaks. A perfect spot for contemplating the beauty of winter!


Level of difficulty Easy, Intermediate
Vertical drop 70 m
Approximate duration 2 to 3 hours
Number of kilometres 2,5km

Belvédère de la Croix
At the top of the belvedere de la Croix

Long hike in the Ouareau Forest (Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci)

Enjoy a good uphill climb on the Massif trail headed towards the suspension bridge, and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of the Ouareau River and Massif mountains.

If you take the Des Murmures trail, you can stay overnight in the Capucines shelter. Add a second night by staying at the Corbeau hut. You can also end your hike at the Massif sector registration centre located 5.4 km further on.

Level of difficulty Intermediate 
Vertical drop 160 m
Approximate duration 3 days/2 nights
Number of kilometres 3,5 km : Capucines shelter, + 6 km : Corbeau shelter 

Discover the long trail in Ouareau Forest

Desjardins path (Sainte-Mélanie)

Level of difficulty Intermediate
Vertical drop 230 m 
Approximate duration 2 h
Number of kilometres 5 km (one way)
Dogs permitted

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Swaggin trail and shelter

Make the most of the winter season and enjoy an unforgettable snowshoeing experience complete with an overnight stay in a shelter!

Level of difficulty Intermediate
Vertical drop 300 m
Approximate duration 4,5 h
Number of kilometres  From 1 to 8 km (one way)
Dogs permitted

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Two people snowshoeing in Swaggin trail in Saint-Côme

Second summit at la Montagne Coupée

Enjoy a wide a variety of enchanting scenic views along the way, from pine trees and valleys to streams and cliffs.

Level of difficulty Intermediate
Vertical drop 80 to 170 m
Approximate duration  1 h to 1 h 45
Number of kilometres  4,5 km

Discover the second summit in Montagne Coupée
 At the second summit of the Montagne-Coupée

L’Envol trail (Saint-Donat)

A multitude of views overlooking Lanaudière and a shelter to warm-up half way.

Level of difficulty Intermediate
Vertical drop 200 m
Approximate duration 2 h
Number of kilometres 6,7 km

Discover l’Envol trail
Snowshoeing trail l'Envol

Mont-des-Cascades (Saint-Donat)

Magnificent trail with a steep slope offers hikers a shelter half way and spectacular winter landscapes.

Level of difficulty Difficult 
Vertical drop 370 m
Approximate duration 4 hours
Number of kilometres 
8,6 km (option to extend hike by taking L’Envol trail)

Discover Mont-des-Cascades
At the top of the trail Mont-des-Cascades

Mont-Sourire – Refuge La Chouette (Saint-Donat)

The Mont-Sourire trail offers superb panoramic views of the Saint-Donat sector.

Level of difficulty Easy, Intermediate
Vertical drop 250 m
Approximate duration 2 h
Number of kilometres 1 to 13 km
Dogs permitted

Discover Mont-Sourire trail
Snowshoeing with the family on the trail Mont Sourire

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