Lac Kaël trails

A true gem of nature

14 km
1 day
Varies by trail
Dogs accepted

Explore the 14 km of trails at Lac Kaël. The Minaki, Côte à Monette, Maskana and Onikam trails all connect to the National Trail. Several viewpoints are accessible, as well as two lean-tos and a climbing wall (Sérénité - FQME). Trail access is located at the intersection of Route 131 and Rang 4 in Sainte-Émélie-de-l'Énergie.

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Caution during the hunting season



Shelter, parking

Access to the trail

intersection of route 131 and rang 4 in Sainte-Émélie-de-l'Énergie
46.350795, -73.663224
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Hiking - Sentiers de la Slye and Boucles du lac Kaël

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