Théâtre Hector-Charland

The Théâtre Hector-Charland is located in the heart of the city of L’Assomption. The quality of its facilities, the calibre of its staff and the diversity of its program have made the theatre rightly famous. The Théâtre Hector-Charland is considered Quebec’s crown jewel of regional theatres.

Summer feature

COCKTAIL – The musical (In French only) | June 22 to July 21, 2018

Cast: Martin Giroux (Star Académie), Geneviève Leclerc (La Voix), Patricia Bernier (La Voix), Pierre-Olivier Grondin (Grease) and Frédérique Mousseau

Because good times are always associated with great songs… and a drink shared with friends. Relive the nostalgia of romantic dinners listening to Aznavour, Friday nights drinking beer with friends and listening to the Stones, your grandmother’s love of crème de menthe and Edith Piaf, and family parties singing along with Plume and Beau Dommage. Accompanied by 4 musicians, singers Genevière Leclerc, Martin Giroux, Patricia Bernier, Pierre-Olivier Grondin and Frédérique Mousseau give you a sneak peek into their hilarious, touching private lives… Cocktail is an intoxicating musical to be enjoyed in moderation!

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LAUREL ET HARDY (In French only) | August 2 to September 1, 2018

Cast: André Robitaille (Stan Laurel), Louis Champagne (Oliver Hardy), Stéphane Archambault, Alexandre Bergeron, Bernard Fortin, Martin Héroux, Brigitte Lafleur, Myriam LeBlanc and Marie-Ève Soulard La Ferrière

Script: Patrice Dubois and Luc Michaud

Directed by: Normand Chouinard

André Robitaille and Louis Champagne will be sporting their bowler hats this summer, taking on the famous roles of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy on stage in this made-in-Quebec mega-production! Combining humour and pathos in the inimitable Laurel and Hardy style, this new show reveals the hidden side of the legendary duo who dominated film comedy in the 30’s and 40’s, going behind the scenes to portray key moments of their lives. The show touches on their genius and special connection, as well as their demons, obsessions and love stories. Beyond just a story of success and failure in show business, it’s about a wonderful and heart-warming friendship.

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Vibrant, lively and relaxed, L’Assomption has a Quartier des Arts that’s great for exploring on foot. You’ll love browsing around its elegant shops and dining on a terrace.

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